3 Common Cat Health Problems And Their Symptoms

If you own a pet cat or are keen on getting a kitten, you will need to keep a close eye on your kitty's health. Otherwise, you might not be able to offer her proper medical care in time should she ever come down with any cat health problems. Like any other animal, a cat might contract several diseases. Different ailments have different symptoms, though it may happen that your cat starts showing two or three symptoms together. Knowing how to decipher these symptoms and treat your cat accordingly will ensure a lasting and healthy relationship with your pet. This article examines 3 common cat health problems generally noticed in cats and their accompanying symptoms. Feline Distemper This disease is also known as feline panleukopenia. It is a viral disease and can be transmitted in your pet's body through contact with other infected cats, humans, used clothes, cat carriers or even food bowls. The affected cat may suddenly start vomiting, show signs of loss of appetite and may even suffer from diarrhea. Because of the severity of this condition, it is recommended that you protect your pet from this disease by getting her the appropriate feline vaccination. Cat Hairballs Cat hairballs usually happen if you cat swallows lots of hair while grooming herself. These hairs go into the stomach and form a growth, which the cat usually vomits out. If your cat vomits hairballs frequently, take it to a vet immediately and he will be able to guide you on the proper course of medication for your cat. Cat Urinary Tract Infection This is one of the most common cat health problems. Due to improper diet and dehydration, it is possible for your kitty's urinary tract to get infected. A cat may show signs of discomfort while passing the stool and sometimes bleeding may also occur. In addition, it may also start spraying and avoiding her litter box. If this occurs, take her to a vet for medical attention and remember to give her a proper diet and lots of water to drink. Take heart though that it doesn't mean your cat is sick or has contracted a diseases every time she vomits or loses her appetite. Cat health problems usually include symptoms such as excessive vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of hair, eye discharge, depression and more. In such cases, the best solution is always to consult a good vet as soon as you can.