Digestive Health Symptoms - Lose Those Hemorrhoids

The abnormal symptom known as hemorrhoids are so common now, that many doctors consider them to be normal. These painful veins in the anus lining are most definitely not part of a normal health condition and should be cures as quickly as possible. There are basically two types of hemorrhoids, the internal, which are at or near the beginning of the anus, and prolapsing hemorrhoids, which are directly on the outside. Both are painful and can bleed, itch, and produce mucus. Possible causes for hemorrhoids It's not too surprising that this condition is all-to-common considering our modern North American lifestyle. Hemorrhoids don't happen overnight, but are the result of a sluggish and clogged colon that took time to get to that state. A long time of eating a poor, low nutrient diet, a sedentary lifestyle involving very little or no exercise, and super low body dehydration (chronic dehydration). Bleeding during bowel movements need to be medically checked out because that can mean a more serious condition may be present. Drug medications The same drugs used for general anal symptoms such as itching are also used for hemorrhoids, possibly providing reduced relief of the painful symptoms at best. Local anesthetics are also used to temporarily relief pain when it's necessary to go this route. These should be avoided if possible due to the allergic reactions they are known to cause. Natural, safer treatment for hemorrhoids A common recommendation is to increase dietary fiber intake. The average American does not consumes enough fiber to maintain good digestive health. This can be a contributing factor as to why the hemorrhoid condition exists in the first place. The fibers that will produce benefits must be of the whole grain, unrefined variety, not commercially processed foods such as breads and muffins etc, but rather brown rice, and millet. Also add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables which should be organic to avoid polluting your system with drugs, pesticides and herbicides. Drink plenty of filtered water, herbal teas, natural juices, specifically aloe vera juice which should be drank several times a day. Increasing you overall nutrition is of great importance when it comes to improving your digestive health and hemorrhoids. Supplement with essential fatty acids, B complex vitamins, folic acid, linseed oil, vitamin A and C. Also increase the minerals potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Topical Applying zinc oxide, aloe vera gel or olive oil, and vitamin E and witch hazel can help to shrink the hemorrhoids. Calendula ointment helps to relieve the itch and pain.