Dog Health Symptoms in the Home

Homeowners who have a dog normally think of a danger to their pet to be outside the home such as crossing the street. However, there is a little known danger in their own home which all pet owners should be aware of. This little known danger could lead to various types of cancer in their pet by their exposure to alternating-current (AC) power from electrical cords. Electrical devices and cords produce radiation known as Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF). What is EMF? The term EMF refers to 60 hertz fields associated with AC electrical power. These fields are distinct from other types of fields associated with the electromagnetic spectrum, such as AM/FM radio, television, cell phones and even sun light. Potential health risks of EMF? Some studies have reported statistical associations between residential EMF exposure and a measurable increase in leukemia risk in humans. Many scientists also believe they are equally as hazardous to a pet in the home. These strong electrical fields can influence the distribution of electric charges from the brain. These magnetic fields can induce circulating currents within an organic body of a human or pet. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. The real danger is 'accumulative' through long-term exposure of high doses of EMF especially to the head area, such as sleeping in a field. Why EMF and my Pet? The reason why you should be aware of this in-home danger is because dogs and cats just like humans can also be adversely affected because their brains as well as bodily functions also operate with electrical impulses. And more importantly, they lie down on the floor immediately adjacent to EMF from electrical cords and devices. In fact, I have seen dogs and cats fall asleep directly on top of an electrical cord. Since they are primarily indoor pets, then they certainly can have accumulative long-term exposures. What Constitutes a Dangerous EMF Field? Milligauss (mG) is the common unit of measurement for magnetic fields. These fields are measured using an instrument called a gauss meter. A 2.5 mG measurement is believed to be an accepted limit of ELF magnetic field exposure during a short time period. However, many electrical devices emit as much as 10 times that amount. What Can You Do to Protect Your Pet? It is impossible to totally eliminate electrical-magnetic exposures but here are a few steps you can take to limit your pets 'long-term' exposure: Keep your pet a minimum distance of 18 inches from potential electric fields especially where they sleep and spend a lot of time. Pay attention to their favorite places to lie down and block them from lying directly next to the cord or device by placing an object in their way. You can also unplug certain electrical devices when not in use to limit their exposure. Encourage your pet to lie in a bed and place the bed away from potential electrical fields. The key to prevention is to limit a pets exposure over extended periods of time. The longer a pet may lie near or directly on an electrical cord, the greater the chance that it may effect their health at some time in the future.