Dog Health Symptoms You Should Be Aware of Now

All pet owners should have the initiative and the keenness to identify at one if their dogs seem to not feel well. Having the right consciousness is very important to your dog's health; symptoms of common illnesses once overlooked would mean great harm to the health of your furry friend. This is a big mistake and negligence on your part because your pooch considerably relied on you for being the first one to the rescue when problems would arise. Learning the common symptoms that would indicate that he or she is suffering from an illness is one great path to being able to pinpoint when your pet is not feeling well. This would also provide you the right action to carry out during that incident. This article will try to provide you with the most basic symptoms of three common illnesses that dogs are likely to suffer from. Symptoms of Ear Infections Taking care of the ear of your pet is an important part of keeping up with overall dog health. Symptoms of ear infection should be easily pinpointed in order to prevent the worsening of the condition that your pet is suffering (in case he is). Infections of the ear are more likely to occur to dogs with heavy ear flap; for example, dachshunds and also bassets. A dog who keeps on shaking his head or pawing his ears are two of the most common signs that would suggest that your dog's ear is infected. It is also possible that these signs would come with pain and disagreeable odor from the ears. Symptoms of Canine Flu Just like humans, your canine friend is also likely to encounter flu cases. When you are thinking about dog health symptoms of canine flu, it would be ideal that you have enough information about it. This is because symptoms of dog influenza are similar with an infection in the canine respiratory system, very much identical with kennel cough. This would include any or all of the following: persistent coughing that may last from ten up to thirty days, slight fever, runny nose that is easily detected when your dog's nose is severely wet due to nasal discharge. It is of great importance that you take your dog to the veterinarian upon noticing these symptoms. If you fail to do so, there is the great possibility that the condition would lead to pneumonia or bronchopneumonia in dogs. It is also sensible that you keep your pet away from other dogs so as not to spread the disease since Canine flu is infectious. Symptoms of Dog Parvo It would be devastating for your dog once he or she contracts the dog parvo virus. Knowing how to detect the usual symptoms that are likely to show up is important if you are interested to protect your pooch's life. Here are some dog health symptoms indicating that your dog might have contracted the dreadful parvo virus: *Lack of energy and appetite to a previously active and vibrant dog *Vomiting *Diarrhea or loose bowel movement that is often mixed with blood These are all flag signs that you need to take your dog to the vet in case any of these symptoms show up. Dog's suffering from this virus can die quickly and for sure you do not want this to happen to your pet, right? Taking good care of your dog means you desire the paramount assistance to offer to your bona- "fido" member of the family. Part of being a responsible dog owner is to take time to get your dog immunized as his protection from viruses and other factors that can cause illnesses, which can bring devastation and pain to you and your dog.