English Bulldog Health Problems

As with most of the dogs there are specific English Bulldog health problems. Many of them are just minor infections while others could well turn out to be fatal if not cured in time. Here we will closely look at some such health problems faced by English Bulldogs. English Bulldog Health Problems Heat Sensitivity: English Bulldog has extreme sensitivity to heat & should always be kept in normal temperature. Due to heat they can easily have a heat stroke. They have such figure that it is difficult for them to dispense heat properly and prone to suffering hyperthermia. Eye Aberrant: This problem arises due to unusual growth of eyelashes. Due to such growth eyelashes start to rub against dog's eyeball thereby causing corneal ulcers. This English Bulldog health problem could well result in blindness if it is not treated immediately. The problem can be avoided if dog's eyelashes are trimmed or stitched. Cherry Eye: It is one of the English Bulldog health problems in which the gland producing tears in the inner eyelid protrudes. You will most often see this problem appearing in eye's corner like red mass and sometimes it produces discharge also. Normally as a solution to this problem the surgeon removes such gland but nowadays repositioning of the gland in original location is also attempted instead of removing it altogether. Breathing Problems: Another of the English Bulldog health problems is breathing problems. Their body structure with long palate, pinched nostrils & small trachea often cause problem. Skin flap present on throat's back is called palate and sometimes it is quite long thereby creating blockage in the airway. You will be able to recognize this problem by vomiting and excessive panting with surgery being the solution. These dogs often have short trachea which you can figure out by breath shortness and wheezing in your dog. Similarly your dog will not be able to breathe properly if there are pinched nostrils. This again will require a surgery to correct the problem. Red Manage: It is also called as Demodex and is a deficiency of dog's immune system to mites. The common symptoms of this problem are hair loss and weeping lesions. It is also one of the hereditary problems in English Bulldogs. Facial Fold Dermatitis: It is a problem which arises due to inflammation occurring in your dog's wrinkles. If the dog's folds are not cleaned on a regular basis then this problem starts. Demodicosis: It is like skin acne and results in distortion of skin in English Bulldogs. The cause for this problem are microscopic mites present on the skin and result in color distortion of skin as well as itchy sensation in the dog. The problem can be easily solved if you take your dog to a vet in the early stage itself. A Final Note To conclude we would like to say that there are several English Bulldog health problems and knowing the symptoms early can help you take early preventive measures and cure the problem before it turns into something serious.