Ridges In Fingernails And Health Symptoms

Ridges in fingernails is a condition that should not be ignored as it can tell you if there is a health problem, even though you have no symptoms. The fingernails will change color with different medical conditions and every imperfection in them has a meaning, such as kidney disease or a heart problem. If your nail color changes to yellow and becomes swollen, this indicates that there may be a problem with the respiratory system. Another condition with the nails that indicates a health problem is nail clubbing. This is generally a result of low levels of oxygen and is also a sign of lung disease. It can also indicate a problem with the liver and bowel. The ridges in the fingernails can run in both horizontal and vertical directions and have different interpretations. If the ridges in the fingernails are vertical, then it is unlikely that there is a serious health problem. These ridges are more noticeable in older people. If the ridges are in a horizontal direction then there is a strong possibility of some disease such as Beau's lines. Beau's lines can be identified by the horizontal direction and grooving which can be slight or deep. They generally appear when there is some illness that has stopped the growth of the nails. The reasons for this could be diabetes or the nails could have had an earlier injury to the nail bed. Sometimes the nails will become darker. Circulatory complications are another problem that Beau's lines indicate. The other diseases that it indicates are pneumonia, scarlet fever, mumps, and a high fever. There is also a possibility of the wrist becoming immobile due to Beau's lines. There are many reasons that can stop the nails from growing and a good number of them do not indicate serious health problems. However, if the nails stop growing it is advisable to get professional advice from a health care worker to eliminate the possibility of disease. To treat Beau's lines requires finding the reason for them and treating it accordingly. Using an anti fungus treatment will help the condition and you can also massage some oil into the nails for around 15 minutes to moisturize them and lessen the brittleness. You should do this every day for it to have an effect. There are also some products that people suffering from Beau's lines should avoid. Anything that contains formaldehyde and sulphonamide can cause the skin to become irritated and red. The nails are more important than people realize and ridges in fingernails inform us to contact the doctor.